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Trekking In Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains is an experience of exceptional beauty and cultural interest and will reveal to you the unison in which local Berbers and nature live.

Experience the extraordinary hospitality of the local Berber people, the rich texture of North African life and the exotic allure of Marrakech, and you will find out why a growing number of trekkers are choosing this great range, which the ancient Greeks thought to be the home of Atlas!

On this self-guided trekking in Morocco tours, you will have the chance to walk among a scenery and ambience that is quite different from the ones you have used to including the wild beauty of the High Atlas, the green terraced valleys and authentic Berber villages.

As the treks are not long and difficult you will have plenty of time to explore the villages, enjoy a glass of mint tea or just sit and enjoy the peaceful scenery. The walking takes you through Berber villages, like Imlil and Imane valley, with apple, peach & walnut trees bright with blossom in the spring and full of rural images of harvesting, threshing and irrigating unchanged for centuries at other times of the year


Trekking In Morocco Mountains tours


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