Biking Holidays in Morocco

Escape the heat of Marrakech and drive into the High Atlas Mountains. Ride a mule and pass Berber villages and enjoy the stunning views of the countryside. Enjoy a traditional lunch in a Berber house and take a short walk with your guide before driving back to Marrakech.
Welcome to Biking in Morocco. Welcome to Africa. This country will amaze you with its energy, color, culture, views, and versatility. You can hike through lush forests in a cool climate in the morning and drink Moroccan mint tea ( Berber tea) on the edge of the desert by late afternoon, the quintessential land of contrasts, both geographically and culturally. It is a nation blessed with stunning coastlines, high alpine meadows, exotic towns, and golden Saharan landscapes. Considered a peaceful, tolerant society, Morocco is a tourist friendly destination and has been for 40 years. From adventurous and exotic to cosmopolitan and chic, it rises to meet all tastes and interests! This Morocco bike tour aims to capture Morocco’s highlights which blend diverse natural landscapes with urban treasures, delicious gastronomy, and exotic local customs. It offers fabulous riding experiences in Morocco’s most attractive zones including the surroundings of Marrakech, the foothills of the Atlas, the rural villages of the countryside, and into the Sahara Desert itself along gravel and tarmac roads. Each riding day offers completely different scenery and integrates as much of the culture and scenery as possible. Your guide will offer free interpretive walks and visits to monuments and/or historical or cultural attractions both during the day and in the evenings. This Morocco bike tour begins and ends in Marrakech, making international air travel very affordable. Daily rides may require some transfers, which are included in the tour package, to bypass areas of high traffic volume or difficult terrain.

120€ per person
Participants Duration Price
2 1 day 120€
3 to 6 1 day 100€
7 to 13 1 day 80€
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